Highlights from 2013

In my further effort to tidy up but still preserve the information that has been on my HOME page for a while, here are the musical highlights from 2013:

The Fugitives: Toronto to Halifax tour, October to November (16 shows)
Scarlett Jane: Toronto to British Columbia tour, June to August 
(33 shows) 

The Tartan Terrors: USA tour, March to April (12 shows)

With The Fugitives I was part of video recordings for Much Office Sessions and Exclaim! TV. Watch them here.

I recorded a 'This City Live - In One Take' video with Scarlett Jane, of their song Aching Heart:

Scarlett Jane made the MetroNews 7 Canadian indie acts you need to know:

In addition to the great gigs and beautiful places I visited on tour, I did piles of other local gigs with various awesome artists, and also studio work on 8 albums that were released in 2013, and one of them was just nominated for a Juno! Splash N' Boots "Coconuts Don't Fall Far From The Tree" - check out my list of studio work here