Sahra Featherstone is a multi-instrumentalist, and has been playing music for over 20 years.  She has two solo albums, and the most recent,
Born of a Summer’s Day, was nominated for a 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award. The album features her harp, violin and low whistle playing, and her arrangements of beautiful pieces written by her talented tune-smithing friends, as well as some original and traditional pieces.

In 2003 she released her first solo album of original and traditional instrumentals, featuring herself on harp with guests including Don Ross, Brian Pickell and the late Oliver Schroer.

In addition to her solo work, Sahra has joined many artists on stage and in the studio, playing concerts and music festivals across Canada and the USA, as well as various private and corporate events.  She has recorded on nearly 70 albums by artists including Jay Aymar, BahamasJill Barber, Jaymz Bee, Matt BerryMichael Birthelmer, Teresa Doyle, Melissa McClelland, Brooke Miller, Jacob Moon, Brian PickellLeah Salomaa, Kristin SweetlandScarlett Jane, and children's group Splash N' Boots. She has also collaborated and performed with numerous singers and groups including Bonzai SuzukiDuncan Cameron, Lori Cullen, Emaline Delapaix, Donovan, Nelly Furtado, Great Lake SwimmersDanny MichelJohn McDermott, Carlos NuñezKevin Quain, Corin Raymond, Don Ross, Oliver Schroer, Ron SexsmithTanya Tagaq, and the Tartan Terrors.  In addition, she has played opening sets for Dervish, David EssigMartin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, and Leahy

Sahra has engineering and production credits on several albums, including Born of a Summer’s Day,
as well as her Celtic band Fig for a Kiss’ album Fallen Leaf (also nominated for a CFMA in 2006).  
She has been teaching harp and violin for over 15 years.

Sahra is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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“Upon meeting Sahra Featherstone for the first time, I realized that I had stumbled upon one of the new crop of super-talented acoustic musicians. She's equally adept at a number of instruments, but I first had the pleasure of hearing Sahra play the harp. I know now that her skills as a fiddle player, flutist, harpist (and Lord knows what else!) all feed each other. She has a great ear, a wonderful musical intuition, and flawless chops. What a find!”

~ Don Ross, fingerstyle guitarist / composer

“Sahra is one of those rare musicians that belongs in the tradition, yet sounds very fresh at the same time. Her music is effortless, natural, and is imbued with her lovely spirit.”

~ Brian Pickell, musician / composer

Sahra Featherstone "Sahra Featherstone"
“An inspired collection of both traditional and contemporary works by one of Canada's premier harpists. Recommended.

Elegant and magical, Sahra Featherstone's self-titled release is a blissful journey through worlds of wonder and delight. Considered to be one of Canada's premier harpists, Sahra presents a combination of both traditional and contemporary pieces displaying her formidable talents, all of which blend together to create a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

Sahra Featherstone has tapped into a particular magic with this disc, a beguiling quality that celebrates the wonders of life and the beauty of the world around us. It touches the soul and inspires the heart. It brings smiles and tears and it gets the toes tappin'. What more could you ask for?”

~ rik, ping things / (06/14/04)