St Patrick's was epic

Monday was St Pat's Day, and the first one I've been home for in 3 years. Always a busy day for fiddle players, I played between 11am and 10:30pm at two different Irish Pubs in Toronto: The Overdraught on Front Street, and The Brazen Head in Liberty Village. The first gig was pretty nice, playing with a friend of a friend, who I'd never played with before, and the lunch crowd was nice and appreciative. The second gig I joined an old buddy, Peter James Fox, who I've known for years, but it was also our first gig together, with his band. That was hilarious, and the crowd was nuts and drunk as could be. Spent quite a while cleaning my gear of dried beer the next day….I think I get St Patrick's amnesia each year: I forget how irritating and destructive large crowds of drunks can be, and I always promise myself I'll cover everything valuable with plastic next time, and then promptly forget. Overall we got away with minimal damage to our expensive equipment, and the silly mayhem made for good memories. Anyway, I hope to have lots more chances to play with Peter, cuz he rocks - and his wee wife was amazing at keeping the crazies off the stage for us!! :)